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About MCS

Modular Construction Supply (MCS), was created by a group of architects, engineers, general contractors, and developers that saw the upward trend of modular construction worldwide. It began with our Texas license for Hebel distribution, and we began to penetrate a wide list of markets.

MCS now offers a superior solution to virtually any building in any market segment. In addition to providing solutions utilizing Hebel products we provide design assistance for the structure as well. The process starts with an evaluation of your project by our team. We will always advise as to what fits your needs but, more importantly, what does not. Let us show you why Hebel is a far better solution.

Wall Systems

Looking for a load-bearing wall system that is certain to save you time and money on your construction? Look no further than Modular Construction Supply’s Wall Systems.


Hebel Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC) is one-third the weight of traditional concrete. It can be used in a variety of load-bearing and non-load-bearing construction applications.